Our Story

The founders of Prophet began cultivating exceptional cannabis decades ago. Luke Scarmazzo and Ricardo Montes bonded over their passion and respect for the plant, and with deep legacy roots in the Central Valley, they sought to bring the benefits of the special herb to the people of California. 

In 2004, the partners opened the first medical cannabis dispensary in Modesto under the Medical Marijuana Program Act. They were highly successful and provided a much needed service to the community. However, they faced resistance from local officials and were raided and arrested by federal drug agents in 2006. Undeterred, they stood resolute and fought the archaic U.S. drug laws they were charged with. Like past legendary figures in history, they were martyred in trial and convicted as drug “kingpins”. Ricardo served nine years before being granted clemency by President Obama in 2017. Luke served nearly 15 years in prison and was released in 2023.


Upon their reunification, Luke and Ricardo founded Prophet, a premium California legacy brand. Our company’s heightened focus on quality comes from our deep wisdom of the past, yet embraces the advancements of today to propel our vision for the future. 

Now free from chains, Prophet reaches back to help those individuals who are still incarcerated. Inspired by our history, we are dedicated to funding social progress and uplifting our community. Join us on our mission and support Prophet Brands at a store near you!

Wisdom of the past, vision for the future.

The Mission Statement:

To elevate humanity and cultivate freedom.

Benefactor 2024

Through extensive partnerships throughout the legal cannabis industry, THE WELDON PROJECT launched the MISSION [GREEN] initiative to offer unique ways for cannabis businesses and consumers to participate in a nationwide campaign that provides relief for those negatively impacted by prohibition and raises the bar for awareness, social justice, and social equity.

THE WELDON PROJECT is a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding social change and providing financial aid for those who are serving prison time for non-violent cannabis-related offenses. The MISSION [GREEN] initiative supports those who have been unjustly imprisoned for marijuana.

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