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Introducing "High Price: The Luke Scarmazzo Story" - Now Available!

Now available, get ready to be captivated by “High Price: The Luke Scarmazzo Story”! This remarkable tale will leave you hooked from the very beginning. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity!


Raised in the California cannabis culture during the 1990’s. Luke & Ricardo share a passion for music and weed. In their 20’s they founded one of the nation’s first medical cannabis dispensaries two years later, they were raided and arrested by federal drug agents And swiftly ascend As One of America’s most Infamous cannabis cases. They served a combined total of 25 years in federal prison. Their friendship stood the test of Trial and time. Now they arise from the ashes…

With wisdom of the past and a vision for the future It’s time to listen to what prophet has to say. This is your chance to become the leader in the movement for change!

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Our Journey

From the vibrant cannabis culture of California in the 1990s, Luke & Ricardo embarked on a path fueled by passion. Their dedication led to the establishment of one of the nation’s first medical cannabis dispensaries. However, challenges arose as they faced federal scrutiny, leading to significant legal battles. Today, their enduring spirit and unwavering friendship form the bedrock of Prophet Brands, a testament to resilience and a vision for a brighter future.

Our Mission

To elevate humanity and cultivate freedom.

For nearly a century, cannabis prohibition transformed once-honorable farmers into outlaws and wise healers into mere dealers. The path of these visionaries, enduring persecution and imprisonment, forged the very bedrock of the legal cannabis industry. Prophet now pays homage to the valiant sacrifice of these pioneers, dedicating their brand to the liberation of those unjustly imprisoned behind a cannabis offense.

Our Team

  • National Cannabis Justice Spokesperson
  • Cannbis cultivator and retail store owner
  • Served 15 years in Federal prison
  • Author of High Price: the Luke Scarmazzo of story
  • Podcast Host on Joint Forces
Ricardo Montes
  • Legacy Retail OperaTor
  • Equity Qualified/ Justice Impacted
  • Served 9 years in Federal prison
  • 10+ years Manufacturing
Manndie Tingler

Manndie Tingler

  • Cannabis Exec 11 years (President, CMO, CRO)
  • Specializing in launching and scaling brands
  • 20x Award Winning Product Creator
  • Founder of Women’s Canna Awards
Saman Razani

Saman Razani

  • Cannabis Exec 15 years
  • Award winning product formulator
  • Specialized in licensing and compliance
  • Manufacturing facility design
At the recent Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference, entrepreneur Luke Scarmazzo,
This 420—the high holiday for cannabis lovers—is special. Granted, marijuana